Week of 2/12/18


We are narrowing down to the end of the build season, we are all working to reach our goal to have a successful working robot for competition. We have been adding some days after school to be able to finish the robot on time, which is a great help! Each team lead is doing their job and leaders and all of our sub-team members are working as a team to get the robot running.



The fabrication team has continued working on the game pieces this week. As a team we moved all of the wood outside so we had more space with the growing game elements, which gave more space to the robot builders and the fabrication leads.


The electronics team continued doing the pneumatics and coders for the second robot. The coders are used for the autonomous. They have also attached all of the machinery onto plexiglass, which makes the inside of the robot look pretty awesome. They have also prepped the fun multicolored lights so when the bot is almost complete, we can attach them easily.


This week, the treasury team has updated all of the invoices on an organized spreadsheet. They also worked on the sponsorship requests which we will be sending out as soon as possible. In terms of pieces for the robot, they also finished up ordering the elevator mechanism and pieces, which really got the building team up and running.


This week the programming team fixed some minor coding errors which was an easy fix. They also redid some code that was redundant for the intake of the power-cubes. 


This week, actuation has received all of the parts for the elevator and has started to assemble it, which is a key part of the robot and it's function, for it will be carrying ht power cubes up onto the scale. The team has also finished the complication intake, and are beginning to attach the ramp to the bot which was completed last week.


Our communications lead Maddy designed and ordered a banner for our pit station for the competition. They have also managed what they need for the pit station and have worked on designing pins for distribution. The stickers that were designed and produced a while back have arrived and are ready for distribution for the team. In addition, they have been creating and updating the blog of our progress for our viewers!


Since the build season is coming to a close, we are all rushing bit to reach our goal. We may be trailing behind, except seeing how we are moving forward and accomplishing great things every day, we will get right on track in no time. It is crazy to think that the first competition we will ever be competing in as a team is coming up in March. This is making our team excited, but also a bit nervous. So there is some anxious energy in the room, but for a great reason! 


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