Week of 1/29/18


This week we made a few trip to Home Depot to purchase more wood for the game elements. This week we have all been running around everywhere and have been trying to pump out game elements. As a team we finished the elevator and ordered the final bits to complete the elevator.We are right on track and are make great progress!



During the Monday exploratory, the fabrication team continued finishing the scale and discussed how to make the switch game element faster and more efficiently. We were finally able to get our hands on more wood this week thanks to the trip to the hardware store. They continued to look at the elevator lift kit for instructions


During the first exploratory, actuation worked on the elevator. The elevator slide is coming on Wednesday so the team talked about what they will do to the slides once they arrive so they are really to putt all together, hopefully wasting less time. They also are waiting for orders to arrive. they have the CAD robot done. They also attached the pneumatic into the "grabby grabby."


The treasury team helped out with writing the essays which we will need to send in for specific grants which will really help out the team financially. The treasury also began to work on the budget re-analysis after purchasing needed materials and jerseys!


During exploratory, the communications team learned that they would be needing to write a couple essays for the team in order to ask for some grants and sponsorship money. They also spoke with Luc about the jerseys that they ordered last week.


The programming team continued to program the robots forward/straight movement, (the robot will now not lean to the left or right when going forward thanks to the programming team). They worked on the autonomous period, and continued looking at the vino. We also had a visitor come in so the programming team was in charge of showing the visitor our process and where we were at in the process.


As usual the electronics team worked on wiring the 2nd bot and making it as identical to each other as possible so we have clean and consistent runs with the two bots which act and run the same. The 2nd con pressure is on its way so they waited a couple days. They mounted the pneumatic onto the 2nd bot and made sure it was attached properly and securely.


We lost a couple member son the communications team so that was defiantly a bump on the road, so we ha to replace those members. Thankfully there were many people willing to step up and take charge which is great! We are also realizing the limited time we have to actually complete this robot, since we are already half way through build season. So we need to step it up, which we are sure we will!


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