Today's progress mostly encompassed the beginning process of constructing the team's 2nd robot, where we will duplicate all of the mechanisms and structures, eventually leaving us with 2 twin bots; (we need two identical robots; one for team practice and one for the competition).



Today's the fabrication team continued to built the arcade game elements and is in the middle stage of  putting the different pieces together. Unfortunately we are still missing needed wood in order to finish up the cutting and drawing stage. We also started to design a protection mechanism for the electronics and pneumatics of the robot.

Electronics -

The electronic members began to wire the battery for the 2nd robot. They began to cable the different power chords to the chassis and connected all of the power sources to the functioning mechanisms like the wheels.

Programming -

Their main goal today was finalizing drive system to possible bot drivers and beginning pneumatics which is a branch of engineering that uses gas or pressurized air. The programming members have been busy with prepping the basic functions of the bot so the rest of us can begin working on our portion of our 2nd bot. They had the challenge of different machinery breaking down. 

Actuation -

The main thing the electronics team achieved was wiring our second robot and to begin constructing. The 2nd bot is always a bit easier since we already know the design and different parts/mechanisms needed for the robot. They also worked really hard on the ramp and they made changes to change for the final real construction, pointing out the pros and cons of the ramp's design.

Communications -

The communications sub-team worked on the social media platforms, king sure all accounts are connected and up and running. They also completed the important task of signing up for Davis, which is the very first FRC robotics competition that we will be competing in... EVER! And as always they were busy with sending important and informative emails to parents.

Treasury -
Today the treasury group did the exciting task of sending sponsor emails to the 49er's, Ace and 2K. We have many connections! The treasury team has been raising a good amount of money for our team and we are so appreciative for their hard work. The image eon the left shows our team discussion at the end of the day about the t-shirts/jerseys that we will be purchasing.


We are having challenge with groups not being able to move onto their sub-group's next stage because they are relying on another group to finish on a specific task. For instance the fabrication team in not able to begin their daily goal to design the protection cage for the electronics and pneumatics because the electronics team is still not 100% sure on where all the mechanics will be placed. Essentially slows down our progress, but we will bounce back and get back on track. I think I can say that we all started to feel a little drained from the past two weeks, but we are dedicated to finishing up this intersession on a strong note, ready to begin the exploratory.


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