Today is our last day at intersession, so we really wanted to push through his day and get a lot done, which we did as always. We were given the opportunity to meet again as a team tomorrow to work on the bot; it is not mandatory but it would defiantly help us move farther along the building process. There was a lot of action today in the back building workshop; it was hectic but super fun!


Programming -

Their main goal for today was to start fixing the pneumatics coding error. So the actuation and programming team teamed up to fix this problem. This was difficult to figure out; there was a leak in the machinery, and it can be very hard to find that leak in such a small and complicated mechanism, to they needed extra help to jump over this obstacle.

Actuation -

The actuation sub team finished the ramp photo-type, along with finalizing any changes that they will be making for the next actual ramp. They also began working on the 2nd "grabby-grabby" (power-box clamp). Some began working on a mini project outside of the robot where they took Ramsey's white boards with his permission and cut then into rounded squares with magnets attached magnets so we could put little white boards onto of our mega white board so we stay more organized as a team.

Fabrication -

Today we learned how to use the power toll which allows up to cut out perfect wholes into hard wood. A lot of our pieces for the arcades game elements needs holes, so we got to finish all of those game pieces. Along with that, we continued to assemble the elements. So far we completed parts, 1and 2, so we are working on game piece three.

Electronics -

Today the electronics group set up the charging station for our nine robot batteries (they are very high quality batteries, each takes a day to charge!) They also continued the process of wiring the 2nd robot, but ran into some minor bumps.

Communications -

The communications team will have a pretty consistent plan for each day, so nothing drastically new will be coming their way. As always, they handled the social media accounts, continued to register for Davis, and proceeded to send informative emails to parents.

Treasury -

Yesterday and today has been a nerve-wracking two days for the treasury members. More sponsorship letters have been sent out and more have replied. We heard we were given one thousand dollars by a generous donor and many parents have offered to donate, which is fantastic! We are still waiting for the response of: the 49'ers, Ace and the US Army.


Today the electronics team ran into some trouble with the pneumatic of the robot. Some parts are no responding to the power sources. To find the problem, they are going through each chord and testing to see if it is responding to the power from the battery. It is important that we figure this problem out as soon as possible so we get back on track, which we defiantly will. And once again, we still need more materials to continue building, and we are waiting for important mechanisms and parts of the robot to come from the mail, so we are waiting patiently!

Here is a programming member after the pneumatics of the robot was fixed!


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