Today was another successful work day where Ellipse 6814 broke into our groups and continued our work from last week. We are getting closer to having a well-build robot that functions. Our team had a driver's meeting, (the individual conducting the robot and driving it in the course during the competition) where they decided who will be the teams bot driver, who is obviously an essential and member of the team. 


Fabrication -

The fabrication team is finishing up drawing dimensions and cutting wood pieces for the arcade, and today we actually started constructing the game elements, which will be a tedious and important task. We want this arcade to be as identical to the real arcade as it possible can so we can have accurate runs with the bot.

Actuation -

We made the prototype ramp which enables other robots to get onto of our robot at the very end of the competition. This will be giving our team's robot more point and will help out our alliance teams. There are still some changes that the actuation team needs to make but this is a great base to grow on. The team is CAD'ing as well as searching for parts needed.

Electronics -

Today the electronics sub-team was able to make the bot move with ease! This is a huge step of our team and we are know technically able to compete! The bot can reverse, move forward and turn around quickly and smoothly. They are on track!

Programming -

This group is continuing to program different parts for the bot, including the stick tank drive and the intake mechanism. They set up the GitHub program which is a collection of version control codes which is an easier way to code. They also tasted out the robot in the gym and it was a great first run!

Communications -

Today the communications discussed different team jersey/shirt designs, which we will wear to all competitions to represent our team, Ellipse 6814. The image on the left is the base design of our team shirts.


Treasury -

The treasury team was able to raise another $5,000 for our team expenses! They have also continued to send emails to possible and current


One challenge we are facing is making sure our sub-teams keep on communicating with each other, keeping everyone in the loop of what has been achieved and what is up next to do. This way we can start connecting everything together. The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get up and running. One other issue is that the fabrication STILL doesn't have enough wood, we also came across some difficulties with construction because the weather is not permitting us to begin building due to the rain.


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