2018 SF regional FIRST Robotics Competition

We had our first competition ever as a team this past weekend! When we got to the site everyone got acquainted with the space and was pumped for the weekend and what it had to offer. We were all so busy and the whole experience was nonstop!
But we definitely had some bumps in the rode! In the first match, the programming had an issue that the grabby grabby wouldn’t open, so they just drove in circles around the switch.
In the second match, the autonomous worked, not during autonomous period though, only after. It spun the bot in circles very viciously. It was a little funny because our robot burnt a hole in the ground, so staff wasn’t happy, but we learn from our mistakes!
On Saturday our scouting table was taken before we arrived, so we had to move to a table in the hallway near an outlet. On Saturday's match in the first round, the autonomous worked well.
Some issues we ran into were:
For the switch, bumpers were too thick so it couldn’t fall into switch.
Angles were too hard to control, but manageable.
The steering was opposite, presented problems. Despite these small hiccups, everything else went perfectly and very smoothly.

The team ate a lot of pizza for lunch and the communications team got social media posts up and running.

Lots of scouts came to our pit and asked questions about our intake, climbing, etc.
There were lots of scouting and they asked questions to better understand our robot and our team. For example:
“What can it do?
"Java or c++?"
"Can it climb?"
"Can it support other bots?"
"How long have you been a team?”

We were rewarded the Rookie Inspiration Award, rewarding our professional team for our organization and maturity for such a young team. Since we have experienced our first competition, we are ready and pumped for the next one coming up this weekend.

Below are some pictures of the weekend and a picture of the Rookie Inspiration Award
plaque we were rewarded!


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