Week of 2/5/18


We only have two more weeks of build season! We are on a major time crunch but are all working hard.


The planetary build box arrived for the actuation team which was exciting. The team started to figure out how that piece functions and how it will contribute to our robots. We also got more parts for the elevator, so we can continue building! Onwards!

They are still trying to finish up the awards, which is a written essay to possible receive an award to get money for the team. Those have not been sent out and will be soon.Communications:

The communications team continued uploading images and posting on all our social media platforms, keeping people interested with our process posted with what is happening. They also worked on the awards. They continued to update out website (Ellipse9814.org).


The treasury team is trying to get a lot of companies approved by Bennet in order to send out more sponsorship emails.


This week the fabrication team continued working on all of the needed game elements so we could start putting up the entire game floor together. Since the fabrication group only has two weeks left to pull all of the game elements together, they ave been focusing on the elements instead of helping our other groups like before. All hands are on deck.


This week the electronics team has been working on the LED lights for the robots which will let up make our bots glow with different colors! This is not a necessity for the bit, but it is a cool little addition since we like going to extra mile. :) They have all other parts done and ready to go, but as sometimes checking them to make sure everything is working properly.


The team smoothed out the driving system and continued working our small bugs in the autonomous system. So essentially they fixed issues with the coding so all is working smoothly to to our favor.


Like I stated before, we are running out of time, so we are on a time crunch. Making sure everyone has something to contribute to the team is a he factor to our success and will bring us to victory, as long as everyone is doing their part.


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