Week of 1/21/18


This week was the first day of the robotics exploratory and after school practises!  This is extremely exciting for our team because the ball is really moving now! The first day of exploratory on Monday was a debrief meeting, where the team members all communicated how the schedule is going to be for the rest of the quarter. Today (24th) is the 2nd exploratory and we are not starting to accomplish things in this 45 minute block in the day. We also discussed the food arrangement for the after school days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since we will be living in the Lab Room for 3.5 hours, we need to be fueled! We came up with some options and will be deciding how we'll be dealing with the food asap. All hand are on deck for building the arcade elements, it's a hard but super exciting time!

Today the fab. team designed mounts for the elevator and discussed the mounts for the ramps on the robot and how they are going to be placed. The fabrication members are also trying to pick up the speed of building the game elements, since we only 28 days left, which is defiantly a time crunch.

This week the activation team continued working on the robot's clamp (the thing that grabs the power cubes). We attached the blue nitrile (pieces of fabric which makes the power cubes not fall out of the clamp's grasp) to the sides of the metal which is connected to the "grabby grabby." They also made a prototype of the ramp which will be carrying another team's robot.

They are almost done with the teleoperated period, and are waiting for the fabrication team to finish up the game elements to keep on working. They began to make a bottom to employ the ramp to the robot since the ramp is now already designed. On Wednesday they had a meeting concerning the autonomous period.


This week the communications team finished up the jersey design and were able to order them for each of our teammates. They got their approval from Luke and Lili, and we got a thumbs up! They have also been dealing with financial things including needed parts and wood. 



Today, they focused on helping out the fabrication team build the game elements. They need to go to the hardware store and purchase needed parts. They also placed where the motor is going to be on the robot -minus the circuit breaker and the PCM. Then they fixed all of the things for the first bot and organized the bot and it's mechanics. They also tried setting up the Gyroscope (which basically is a omarion sensor.)  The electronics team also continued wiring the 2nd robot and made sure that everything is secure on the first robot with the plastic strips.
This week the treasury team kept sending out emails, applying for money grants and sponsorships from companies; the more money we can get the better! They have also sent more email to parents with information about the current status of the team and the progress we have made. 

So far our challenges include -

Staying quiet when one of the leads are speaking or when there is any important info. we need to be aware of.

We are also still trying to obtain the needed materials for the rest of the arcade elements, which is a slow process, but we are getting there.

Not being distracted from our work and progress (video games on laptops)
Sticking together like a family through this challenging but fun process.

Making sure that everyone has something to do at all times. We are trying to give everyone on the team the best experience with us, and that comes with everyone working on a task at all times.


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