Today, the  team got to explore the wonderful new space that was provided to us in the new lower level of the Guild and Commons with Bruce. Our team captain, Bryce, also explained the structure: leadership meeting, updates, briefing, work, lunch, work debrief, optional work, and finally reset. We have started to discuss and develop some ideas about how our robot will be constructed and what type of robot we will be creating for this season of competitions (switch/vault/ramp bot, scale and climb bot, or an all-scoring bot). We really got to see the team members show their great engineering ideas and skills which will be greatly valued as the team grows through the semester. 

  •  We began strongly the first week of building and meeting as a team
  • We started to make the design aspect of our robot.
  • We broke down the rulebook and really familiarized ourselves with the rules of FRC Robotic competitions.
  • We talked about our game plan and what each of our jobs are/will be for the team.
  • We established our goals for each sub team.
  • We decided on the basic model/design of the robot.
  • The fabrication team tightened up all of the bolds on the base of our robot.
So far our biggest challenge is just keeping up with what each of our subdivision's needs to accomplish each session, and making sure we stay on track and not fall behind. We also need to work on group management in order to increase productivity.


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