Today, we continued work from yesterday and also started some new projects in each sub-team. From now on, we will be in the development and creating stage of the process. One big accomplishment we made as a team was getting all parents supporting our team by signing up for the potluck tomorrow on Friday for a debrief and explanation of who we are, what we are doing, and what they can do to help out the team.  


Programming - 

Today in programming they tried to make the two motors run with exact synchronization, letting the robot move smoothly with the same running speed on all six wheels.They also completed many smaller tasks.
Fabrication - 

The fabrication team continued building the game elements and we were able to get some more wood from team member's homes, the goal is to get the arcade up and ready to go!

Electronics - 

The electronic group's main goal was to attach and secure all of the technology/mechanisms that they worked on yesterday onto the robot base. Now we can start building form that.

Actuation - 

Today in actuation, the team started prototyping game pieces, which includes the power cube claws/grabber (picture on the left) and a ramp out of black foam for the endgame of the competition. 

Treasury - 

Today the treasury leads continued working on the sponsor list/targeted company list from yesterday. This means that we can gain more money so we can continue advancing our robot and team.

Communications -

The communications team started on the daily vlog, so we took videos of each sub-team and asked them to summarize what they were accomplishing today; the video vlog will be coming out asap. The team also created the important design shop rules as shown to the left.


One challenge we have is making sure that there is something for everyone to do at all times, that no one is standing around waiting for a task to be completed. We want to make sure that we are sufficient and are getting the most out of our limited time. There is also a lack of focus at times because we get so excited! We also have a difficult time containing liquids inside mugs, which obviously is a large problem in the space, however, this can be easily solved with the team's cooperation.

Below is Jaia, the Actuation lead taking a quick break.


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