Today we made big strides towards the beginning process of constructing our bot. Teams actually started to work on their assigned jobs and we were able to complete all of our daily goals, so we are definitely on track thus far. Students were also able to start using the power tools in the workshop with Bruce.


Fabrication - 
We finished up most of the line dimensions on the pieces of wood and started using the equipment in the workshop with Bruce to cut the necessary pieces to make the arcade. We also used CAD to create the pieces of machinery needed for the robot.

Programming - 
The programming team was able to code the sensory bot into being able to distinguish bright colors, such as bright yellow and orange, so our robot will be able to identify the yellow power cubes in the competition if we decide to use that strategy.

Electronics - 
The electronics team wired, connected and cleaned up all necessary chords to the power distribution module (also known as PDM) which distributes the battery's power to all moving mechanisms.Their biggest accomplishment was making the motor work as the image shows.

Actuation -  
Today the actuation was able to design the base structure of how the bot will be able to grab power cubes with a claw mechanism a key component to the robot. 

Treasury - The treasury group discussed and completed the sponsorship packages, and reached out to other robotics teams at different schools. They also created a solicitation email template.

Communications -
The communications group worked on designing the team shirts that we will be wearing all competitions and also talked to Luc Martin for advice about the shirt process. They also came up with hashtags for our social media platforms (#teamellipse6814, #teamellipse, #frc and #frc2018). 


A big challenge right now is getting all of the funding we need for this huge project and getting as soon as possible, but the treasury team is doing a great job so far! One of our challenges was making sure we have all of the needed materials for constructing the arcade in the workshop, getting those materials is our top priority so we can begin building. Another challenge we are facing is the team members ability to keep their memes for outside of the work time. 


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